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The mission of our talent-supporting centre: As a secondary school of a small town in the rural area we aim to keep on the achievements attained on the different fields of skills (intra-and interpersonal, logical-mathematical, language, natural, solid-visual). Moreover we want to organize the skill-developing work thinking over our experiences and building this work on three keystones: identification, development, and guidance. We also have had a good relationship in the field of skill-development with the primary schools in our educational region so far.

Furthermore we join the programs of institutions of higher education (EKF, ME, ELTE, DE) such as camps, open days, interactive presentations, etc.

Our identifying methods are based on an objective-subjective scale: placement tests, observations, competition results, personal motivation, keeping touch with parents and other types of schools.

Part of our pedagogical program is supporting talented students at school. Our school is one of the accredited excellent talent-supporting centres.

We started our activity as a member of The Multi-Purpose Regional Association in 2004. From the year of 2010 we can work as an independent talent-supporting centre. We bring  25-30% of our students (150-200 people) in extracurricular activities every year, while we perform skill-supporting work ( forming groups of students according to their abilities, orientations) during the lessons which refers to 100% of our students.

Being a member of the Multi-purpose Regional Association we organized workshops for gifted primary school students. In this way we created the conditions for our own talent-supporting work.

For our secondary school students we operate 4 skill-supporting workshops. We organize programs for them using the possibilities provided by different kinds of applications (complex skill-developing programs, programs serving the cooperation among students, parents and teachers). Our students regularly take part in different competitions as well as they actively participate in the cultural life of our town.

Our students are successful in competitions and applications advertised by the institutions of higher education (ME, EKF)

The further education data prove that thanks to our programs growing number of students are interested in sciences.

What is more not only our grammar school students can achieve a language exam, but also students from our technical school classes.

Our cooperation experiences and relationships are really complex. We collaborate with the institutions below on an international level:

a, Staatliches Eifel Gymnasium, Neuerburg

b,  Dr. Sulzberger Gymnasium, Bad Salzungen

c, Nagy Mózes Elméleti Líceum, Református Elméleti Líceum, Kézdivásárhely

Comenius cooperation project supported the life-long learning in which participated the countries below:

Great Britain: The Rawlett School – Tamworth

Germany: Staatliches – Gymnasium - Neuerburg

Italy: Istituto Comprensivo ‘San Francesco’ - Gela

Holland: Bonhoeffer College - Enschede

Hungary: Mezőkövesdi Szent László Gimnázium – Mezőkövesd

For organizing European Skill-supporting Network we can offer the following:

a)      sharing our good-practices as well as online sharing our experiences in connection with our skill-supporting programs.

Success index: Presentation of the institution that accepted our program about their activity.

It does not need financial sources.

b)     participating in professional events.

 Success index: Using the gained experiences.

Financial source: application, cost-price.

c)      inviting experts, talented students from other talent-supporting centres, organizing professional programs together, giving opportunity for introduction.

Success index: accomplished program.  

Financial source: applications, foundation support, parental support.